Whitehall Aged Care Facility



The Management and Staff of Whitehall would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family.

We endeavour to provide quality care and services to all our residents, their families and/or representatives. We will do our very best to help you settle into your new environment and ensure that you enjoy your stay with us, as you would in your own.

This website intends to provide information that will hopefully help you understand the care and services that we provide here at Whitehall. This provides an outline of the who, when, where, what, how and why of a life amongst your new found family will be most satisfactory, here at Whitehall.

If you have any question, or you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to approach the Director of Care. We will only be happy to oblige.


Whitehall opened its doors to the community as a 34 bed nursing home in 1946 which was extended to a larger home in 1972.

Since 1988, Whitehall Aged Care Facility is owned and operated by Albanese Aged Care Group. The staff and management of Whitehall Aged Care Facility are committed to provide excellent clinical care and distinctive lifestyle services throughout the home. We pride ourselves in calling our facility a home away from home.

Whitehall Aged Care Facility is a High Care Standard Residential Aged Care Facility, nestled in Sydney's North Shore. With 76 high care beds, we offer both permanent and respite residential services to our elderly community.


The Proprietor, Administrator, management and staff of Whitehall Aged Care Facility believe that each of our residents deserve to be cared for by competent, caring and compassionate team of professionals who deliver excellent clinical care and distinctive lifestyle services in a safe, secure and comfortable environment that promotes each residents' individuality.


We believe in the values outlined below in ensuring we provide clinical excellence and distinctive lifestyle services to our residents.


Whitehall Aged Care Facility provides single and shared rooms. Majority of rooms include a shared ensuite . Each resident has a designated personal space within their allocated rooms. Both floors are provided with a spacious lounge and dining area. A covered veranda is also provided for communal use by all residents.

Lifestyle Services

A sense of purpose and fulfilment are a big part of enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. At Whitehall Aged Care Facility, we assist residents in achieving that through activities that stimulate the senses and create interest, either indi- vidually, in groups or as a community.

We have a specialist Lifestyle department that consists of trained professionals and volunteers who are there to assist residents choose and follow the activities that suit their personal needs and goals.

Following resident admission into the facility, our staff from the lifestyle department will approach you to discuss your hobbies and interests in order to incorporate your identified needs into our lifestyle activities program.

Our lifestyle department will provide all residents with encouragement and support to attend our wide variety of activities program daily.

Fees & Charges

Whitehall Aged Care Facility is classified as a concessional facility. Fees consist of three components:

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